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New Zealand, You Are Welcome!!


My name is Davide Valsecchi, I have met Mr R.G. Trott during his meeting with Motorbike Clubs here at {en:Lario}, on {en:Como Lake} in {en:Italy} .

Mr Troot showed us the beauty of your Country, {en:New Zealand}, and described all the opportunities to visit it, on motorbike, on bike, on kayak or just trekking. We were all impressed by the wild charm of your coasts, mountains and open spaces.

Mr Troot, general secretary of Whanganui River Institute, was in Italy, especially in {en:Lario}, to organize new touristic and cultural exchanges between our two Countries. He told us how New Zealander are interested to visit  and breath the history and the sunshine beauty of our lake.

We are really honored to have so much attention from people living in such a beautiful place as New Zealand and we will try our best to support these exchanges.

Here, on Cima-Asso.it, we will organize new web tools, as forum and blogs, to share knowledge about our places. We think that the first step may be to friendly introduce us and our opportunites.

We will publish posts, photos, videos, maps and suggestions about the present and the past of Como Lake translating in Italian all the info coming from New Zealand. A place in which look for an answer and ask for a question.

As said before:

New Zealanders, You are Welcome!!


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