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[Automatic Translation] The island of Zanzibar is plagued in recent months from a chronic lack of electricity, the cable supplying electricity from land jumped and nobody knows when it will be restored. We, thanks to portable solar panels, we can power the computer and cameras, but unfortunately the line connected the island is currently a bit ‘ballerina. Go to flashes continued to jump and so I can send you (“I promise for now”) one or two pictures at once.

For the rest Enzo and I do not pass the bad: we live a hundred meters from the sea on the east coast and just beyond the coral reef is the Indian Ocean. Every morning attack on the shop floor to deal with other “fund”, the local blacksmiths, creating pieces of art.

The metal work is fascinating, I am amazed and attracted by a rigid material so solid and able to become pliable and delicate once made from glowing fire. Sure, you must give him a hammer, but appears to be much more docile than I thought. Helping Enzo while it forms are discussing and teaching others fundi is compelling.

The metal takes on the color of fire and shines a deep blue when the low power enough to give life to the welding: Iron Warriors, African masks and figures of the sea become the subjects for statues, lamps and small items that will enrich a magnificent structure close to the sea. Under the trusses of a roof over 38 meters high Makuti is in fact born of an artistic and tourist center of Africa’s most prestigious and we are fortunate to be part of it.

Even if the wind blows fresh from the ocean and we are always constant in Africa during the summer. The heat is almost overwhelming to us that less than a week ago we were in the snow and then every two hours, you are discarding the clothes to work and you leave the forge to jump in the blue of the sea warm.

Every so often I have the nostalgia of “Restaurant of the Aunts” of Giuseppe and Mariuccia (less than Valerio …) but I try to console me with dishes of prawns, squid and tuna washed down with cold beer. It may seem ridiculous, but there are only one!

We ended up in a beautiful place full of things to discover but also for trouble, or at least amusing moments when hitting. The world outside the villages, from which we excluded, is very different than the postcard that we are often used: it is much more colorful, wild and complex. Sometimes “laugh,” sometimes “makes them run.” Slowly try to tell you everything. This week, I think on Tuesday, we’ll go into town (just one hour of off-road) and is suitable to buy a calling card Zantel which should allow a more reliable Internet connection.

All for now, hugs to you all and also to my cedars. How are they? Can I trust they are in good hands and have made just toothpicks we started?

Davide “Birillo” Valsecchi

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