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Sembra che prima di partire il buon vecchio Tim Armstrong mi abbia fatto un regalo, una canzone che, dopo tutti gli anni trascorsi assieme, ha un sapore speciale.

Si è vero Tim, siamo “ancora in giro, seduti in cima al mondo” e siamo ancora i roots of radicals.
Cya in tha pit!!

Rancid: Last one to Die
Everybody saying we gotta take a chance
And telling me what the hell went wrong
We only listen to the words that we sing
Now a million are singing along

The ones that counted us out
Regret that they packed the fight
We sit on top of the world
And were proving it every night

Thru the storm and the gigs
And the good and the bad
There aint no doubt
We knew from the very first show, what it was all about

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