Wake up

Yeah!! Wake up, you son of a bitch! I wanna know who your with and why do you roll in and out at like six in the morning? I say wake up! My love of mine, why do you spend your time with these guys who don’t love you the way that I do? This time things gonna be changin’, start a new rearrangin’. I got a new girl, I’m seein’ just like the last one, jus’ like the first one. Live for today, not tomorrow: Keep movin’ away from sorrow, ain’t one to beg or borrow… Phone call! No mistakin’: She starts her head shakin’. Eyes open, now I’m awake and I’m gonna take it day by day now. Gettin’ high. Good times rollin’ on the side. Cities showin’ off somewhere new to be goin’ …so keep movin’!!


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